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Bagendon Gardens

Planting Maintenance Design

“Soyons reconnaissants aux personnes

qui nous donnent du bonheur;

elles sont les charmants jardiniers par qui

nos âmes sont fleuries.”  M.Proust


Formal, cottage,
herbs, kitchen, jungle.

Tom Dawson

Horticultural expert with 9 years gardening in London and more recently Gloucestershire. A reverence for the beauty of nature brought Tom inexorably to his calling.


“I love being outside with people in their gardens solving the mysteries and delighting in the wonders.”


Thomas Hymas

Tom started gardening 8 years ago in Gloucestershire before moving to London and ending up working for the other Toms then company, DeBeauvoir Gardens. It was during this time that the kernel of an idea started to form and 3 years later it was realised; Bagendon Gardens was created.